I empower parents to provide their children with the tools necessary to become healthy, competent, well-adjusted adults.  Since 2001, I have provided families with therapy and assessment services to identify areas of need and implement a roadmap towards optimizing their child's potential. I strongly believe that a short-term investment in our children's mental health will reap a life-time of benefits. I would be happy to speak with you more about how I can best meet your family's needs.


I specialize in treating children with autism, anxiety, ADHD, behavioral challenges, and mood disorders. I strive to understand the child’s capacity for emotional and behavioral regulation, resilience, adaptability, socialization and coping skills. From this starting point I collaborate with caregivers to promote the further development of these skills through individual work with the child as well as through providing supports and strategies to the entire family. My work with children and teens utilizes a combination of play therapy and client led exploration as well as skill building and psycho-education to increase self-awareness and coping tools.

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I conduct in-depth evaluations that encompass intelligence, academic achievement, language, visual-spatial skills, fine motor abilities, attention, executive functions, adaptive functioning, learning and memory. Testing can help establish diagnostic clarity, such as whether the child has autism, ADHD, learning disability, anxiety, etc. Oftentimes, children are impacted by a combination of these conditions and require a more in-depth understanding of their unique educational and emotional needs. Another product of an assessment is a road map that guides decision making with regard to your child's school placement (including any necessary supports and services) as well as therapeutic needs. Assessments are funded privately or through independent education evaluations (IEEs) by local school districts.


There are times when a consultation model is sufficient in working with a family. Parents are provided with strategies and tools to address areas of concern on an as needed basis. The consultation model may also be used to work closely with school personnel and implement classroom-based strategies that support learning and behavior management. Consultation services take place both within the office, and at homes and schools as needed.

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Whether you are a parent noticing signs of uneven or delayed developmental gains in your child, or an adult who is questioning whether the challenges you have faced may be attributed to Autism Spectrum Disorder, a comprehensive autism evaluation can help to give you the answers you need. More than providing a diagnosis, my evaluations help to highlight the unique strengths and needs of each individual and provide a comprehensive set of recommendations for supports and services.

I am passionate about working with autistic individuals across the life span. I have devoted most of my career to better understanding and supporting the needs of the autistic community. My work with children is multi-disciplinary and involves coordinated services across amazing professionals whom I have come to admire and trust. My work with adults is a journey of discovery with the goals of promoting self-awareness, self-advocacy, and improved coping tools to prosper in a world made for neurotypicals. 


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