Parent support, consultation, as well as child, adolescent, and family therapy are all being offered at this time using a secure and HIPAA compliant TELEHEALTH platform.


Therapy and Psycho-educational Testing for Children, Teens, and Young Adults

Is your child is struggling with behavioral or emotional challenges? Do you question if it is just part of the typical development or something requiring special attention? My mission and passion is collaborating with families to form an in-depth understanding of their child's behavioral, emotional, and learning needs. From this place of understanding, I will provide you with tools and a roadmap for how best to create a positive and lasting change for your child and family.

Children succeed when their individual differences

are well understood, when they feel secure and

connected, and when we scaffold learning

without  impeding autonomy.

Areas of specialization:

  • Difficulty managing big emotions (poor emotional regulation)

  • Anxiety and excessive worry 

  • Autism spectrum disorder and developmental delays

  • Behavioral challenges

  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

  • Social difficulties

  • Irritability and depression

"Our job as parents is not to rescue our kids from hard things and uncomfortable feelings. Our job is to walk with them through their difficult moments with connection and empathy."

Dr. Dan Siegal and Dr. Tina Bryson



A licensed psychologist specializing in working with young children and their families.

I have been working with children and adolescents in various capacities for over 19 years. I dedicated the first half of my career to working exclusively with children, adolescents and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, providing therapy, evaluations, and consultation. Over time I became more passionate about working with children with more diverse experiences and backgrounds and expanded my services to include working with children with anxiety, learning disorders, behavioral challenges, ADHD, and depression. I believe children do their best with the tools and guidance made available to them. When they are unable to meet the demands of their environment, we have to determine the underlying cause of these issues.


Children thrive in the context of the relationships that matter most to them, and there is no connection more meaningful than the one between a parent and a child. My role is to walk alongside you for a short time on this journey of parenthood, shed light on some facets of your child's needs and experiences that may have gone unnoticed, and provide you with tools to promote your child's socio-emotional growth. My work involves parents as an integral part of the therapy process, whether in the therapy room for young children or with frequent check-ins and collaboration for older children. Play is the work and the language of childhood and the primary means by which I learn about and intervene with children. Play allows for self-discovery, emotional expression, skill building, and meaning making. I conceptualize the needs of children from an understanding of the latest findings in interpersonal neurobiology. I target social thinking and emotional regulation using tools such as the Superflex curriculum and Zones of Regulation. In addition, I incorporate developmentally appropriate mindfulness based practices and evidence based cognitive-behavioral strategies.


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