Our practice specializes in treating children with autism, anxiety, ADHD, behavioral challenges, and mood disorders. We aim to promote children's capacity for emotional regulation, resilience, self-awareness and coping skills. Therapeutic work is conducted directly with children, pre-teens and teens, but also includes collaboration with caregivers to promote the use of effective supports and strategies by the entire family. Our work with children and adolescents utilizes a combination of play therapy and client led exploration as well as skill building through cognitive-behavioral therapy.


Dr. Hilya conducts psychoeducational evaluations that are a comprehensive look at a child's academic performance as well as what underlying cognitive processes impact how he or she learns. An assessment will help you understand your child's learning profile, including brain processes such as attention, executive functions, problem solving abilities, visuospatial skills, learning and memory to name a few. Testing can help establish diagnostic clarity, such as whether the child is gifted, twice exceptional, autistic, has ADHD, a learning disability, or is impacted by anxiety, etc.  Most importantly, the assessment provides a road map geared specifically to your child's style of learning. It guides decision making with regard to school placement (including any necessary supports and services) as well as therapeutic needs. Assessments are funded privately or through independent education evaluations (IEEs) by local school districts.


By making the choice to pursue therapy, you are putting your desire to live your best life as a top priority. You recognize that you don't have to accept anxiety, depression, feelings of isolation or ineffectiveness as unavoidable. You will have a designated time and space devoted to recognizing detrimental patterns of responding and relating to others. You will have the support necessary to work through old wounds, difficult emotions, and current struggles. You can gain the insight and tools necessary to pursue your goals and live life on your own terms. Our approach is integrative, bringing together a variety of theories, techniques, and evidence based practices. We incorporate Gestalt therapy to help clients to become more self-aware and to accept and trust in their feelings and experiences in order to alleviate distress. We also rely on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to help clients set goals, build emotional-regulation and self-management skills as well as enhance their coping strategies.


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Connected Strides offers Child, Adolescent, and Family Therapy services for families living in Encino, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Tarzana, and Woodland Hills. Telehealth and video therapy services are available for residents of California. 
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