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Executive Assistant

Courtney has over 10 years of experience working with young children in personal, volunteer, and professional settings. Since 2021, Courtney has been providing administrative support to the Connected Strides team, particularly in the area of assessment services. She is well-versed in collecting and managing data during the process of psycho-educational and neuro-psychological evaluations. Courtney’s experience in this field allows for increased efficiency in assessment completion. Her added support also ensures accurate and comprehensive data collection and integration, which ultimately enhances the quality of evaluation services provided by Connected Strides. 

Courtney received her bachelor’s degrees in Psychology with a focus in Child Psychopathology, and Sociology with a focus in Race, Class, and Crime from the University of New Mexico.  She hopes to one day go on to get her master’s in clinical psychology and continue to work in the pediatric field.

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